30 minute Layered Flow which gives us both an opportunity to hold postures and to flow with our breath. The holds are meant to give us space to build integrity and to focus on alignment. And then the movement challenges that integrity. Can we build safe postures in stillness and then maintain that awareness and alignment as we start to move with the breath?

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This class is in response to those of you who come to my regular studio classes, who wanted a similar flow to take home. The pace of this class is quick and is meant for a Level 2/3 class. There is very little pose instruction or break down. For those of you newer to my style and flows, I repeat each of the sequences 2-3 times in this video, so be patient with yourself, or even back up the video. You’ll pick up the sequences!

25 minute Non-Stop Flow. Moving Meditation. This class will build heat and is meant to connect you with your breath and focus the mind. A one minute inversion option is given at the end of the class.
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25 minute Grounded Flow for those days that you want to remain close to the ground, or for yogis who are avoiding leg weight bearing activities. The class will focus on core and arm strengthening, with a sprinkling of hip stabilizer strengthening and hip opening. Enjoy Yogis!
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50 minute Level 2/3 vinyasa flow class that will open the hips from every direction – preparing us for and leading to full splits, hanumanasana. Preparing for full splits requires more than just opening the hamstrings. This class includes flows preparing for and holds in reclined hero, frog pose, pigeon pose and finally, full splits.
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25 minute Level 1/2 – 2 slow and steady flow. This flow is all about slowing down. This will be a continuous, nonstop flow, but will never move very quickly. I encourage you to find a slow rhythm to your breath as you start class, and spend your transitions in this class really enjoying the spaces in between the poses. We rush enough in life, no need to rush through our yoga practice as well. Enjoy yogis!!
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35 minute Level 1/2 – 2 flow class meant to balance your shoulder girdle and rotator cuff muscles. We’ll open the tight parts and strengthen the weak parts, and overall just leave you feeling a bit more balanced and happier in your shoulders. Enjoy yogis!
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Check out my latest class up on YouTube – 10 minutes of core focused happiness, followed by about 2 minutes of countering poses. This video includes a lot of my favorite core strengtheners for working on handstand, arm balances and just general stability and strength. Enjoy!! Read More

I created this class specifically for those of you who work at a desk, in a chair all day. This is a 15 minute, all levels friendly flow yoga class meant to get your body moving after sitting all day, counter some of the effects sitting has on your body and get you breathing again. Enjoy yogis! Namaste. Read More

New yoga class up on YouTube! This is my personal 20 minute morning flow – fairly straight forward flow to connect with the breath, get the body moving and to open specific areas of the body that for me, tend to be tight in the morning. Read More

Forearm Stand (Pincha Mayurasana) is definitely one of my favorite poses … but it wasn’t always. I remember when I was new to inversions, being just completely overwhelmed by this pose – what do you mean you want me to keep my elbows under my shoulders, and lift away from the floor, and get my hips over my shoulders, and go upside down without looking like a massive banana or seriously face planting?!? Yeah right. Luckily I had super knowledgeable teachers that were able to break this pose down for me and once I began practicing the pose repeatedly in my body, it eventually started to make sense in my mind and in my muscles. And now we are buddies. I put together this video and blog post combo on Forearm Stand in the hopes that you can develop a friendship with this pose as well. Read More

Just in time for the holidays – a short level 1/2 to level 2 heart opening dancing flow. Enjoy yogis! Happy Holidays!! Read More

16 minute flow yoga class targeting lengthening and strengthening of the side body. Enjoy yogis!! Read More