75 minute vinyasa yoga playlist, originally created for Rock the Flow at Indigo Yoga on January 10th.

All of my class playlists are public and can be found on Spotify. Follow me here: https://open.spotify.com/user/mikkitrow

Here is the playlist from my Rock the Flow class at Indigo Yoga Studio on Tuesday, September 15th … for your 75 minute, vinyasa enjoyment.

My newest 75 minute vinyasa playlist, debuted in my Rock the Flow class at Indigo Wellness Center on August 25th. Enjoy!!

My newest playlist for Rock the flow! 75 minutes of my recent yoga favorites. Enjoy!!!

Here is a running playlist of music used in all of my classes for the month of May ❀ No order to it, just a mixture of fantastic jams. Enjoy!

My newest 90 minute slow flow yoga playlist, for my Sunday Soul Flow class on April 26th at Indigo Yoga Studio! Enjoy!!

New playlist. Lots of new song finds. Really in love with this sultry, mellow mix. This was specifically used for my 90 minute Sunday Soul Flow on March 29th at Indigo Yoga Studio. Enjoy!

A bunch of new songs that I’m really loving for yoga class right now. Played at Indigo Yoga Studio for Rock the Flow on February 3rd. Enjoy yogis!

Playlist for January 22nd’s Rock the Flow class at Indigo Yoga. Enjoy Yogis ❀

Approximately 90 minute playlist for a slow flow, chill yoga class – played in class on Sunday, January 18th at Indigo Yoga Studio. Enjoy ❀

For all of you who love a good playlist, this is one on the little more chill side but still appropriate for a good vinyasa flow class. Enjoy!