Workshops + Events

Mikki Trowbridge

Below you will find my 2018 workshop schedule. Links for registration will be posted as registration opens for each workshop. All workshops will take place at Indigo Wellness Center in Salem, Oregon

PROPtions: Inspiring a Deeper Practice

Saturday, May 5th| 1:00 – 4:00pm
Blocks, blankets, straps, chairs and bolsters … so many props and so many proptions. Learn how these tools can inspire a deeper experience in your practice while alleviating struggle. We will be looking at common yoga poses and ways to utilize props in each. Open to all levels.
Cost: $30 per yogi; $15 for yoga teachers



Flight Club: Floating in Inversions

Saturday, June 2nd | 1:00 – 4:00pm
How do you get your feet to leave the ground without hopping or throwing yourself into the wall? In this workshop we will explore the effort and release necessary to intentionally lift your feet off the ground – and how to explore these actions in your daily practice so that maybe not today, maybe not this year, but someday you will  magically find lift off. This workshop is for both the inversion addict and the newbie inverter! Yogis are encouraged to have a regular yoga practice and should feel comfortable trying to go upside down at the wall.
Cost: $30 for one session; $100 for entire series; $15 for one session for yoga teachers


Cultivating Roots: How to create a grounding practice

Saturday, September 8th| 1:00 – 4:00pm
So often when we come to our yoga mats, we need to get out of our heads, out of our busy minds, and find a sense of grounding. But how do we create that for ourselves in a home practice? In this workshop we will explore the elements of asana, breath, movement and meditation that tend to have a grounding effect. Part discussion and part yoga practice, plus yogis will leave with a series of home practice sequences in a variety of lengths that are intended to ground. Open to all levels of yogi.
Cost: $30 per yogi; $15 for yoga teachers


Balanced Backbends

Saturday, September 22nd | 1:00 – 4:00pm
Backbends are a constant practice in balance. For the flexible, how do we make sure we are stabilizing and supporting these backbends in a way that will allow us to enjoy them for years and years. And for those who cringe at the word “backbend,” how can we create release into these poses that allows us to enjoy them. In this workshop, we will be looking at how the simple act of breathing can inform and inspire your backbend practice – plus will look at ways to inform strength and release in your home practice and that prepares you for backbending. Open to all levels.
Cost: $30 per yogi; $15 for yoga teachers


Twisting with Steadiness & Ease

Saturday, November 3rd | 1:00 – 4:00pm
Twists can easily become constricting and an unejoyable part of our practice. How do we build a foundation of steadiness that gives us the ease and freedom to twist with joy? We will spend part of this workshop discussing the anatomy and inner workings of twists – before settling into a practice designed to take us deep into the experience of twisting.
Cost: $30 per yogi; $15 for yoga teachers