Workshops + Events

Below are workshops and specialty classes that I have planned for 2023. Check back through out the year as some are still in the works and not posted here quite yet.

Flow to Crow | January 21st | 11:30am-1:30pm

As part of our Resonance Weekend at the studio, I’m teaching a 2 hour, all-levels vinyasa flow practice that is specifically sequenced towards Crow Pose/Bakasana. This sequence will familiarize the body and breath with the actions and efforts of bakasana, while building the mental confidence to explore flying on our hands. This practice will awaken the core, open the hips, and familiarize us with the power of our breath to create lift and lightness. We will introduce a few different approaches to entering into and exploring bakasana that will give you methods of practicing this pose whether or not your feet actually leave the ground. No previous arm balance experience necessary – just a willingness to play and explore.   

Available both in-person and virtually via Zoom. Included in Resonance Yoga Collective memberships, or by our sliding scale drop-in passes. Qualifies as 2 hours of CEUs for Yoga Alliance certified yoga teachers.

Flight Club | Inversion Workshop Series

My annual Inversion Workshops Series – this year in three parts. We will explore and build an understanding of arm balancing, and the inverted postures – handstand, forearm stand, headstand and shoulderstand, plus this year an in depth look at the arm balances. Each session will consider how our foundational yoga postures inform these more complex poses, and will break down the key elements of each pose to create an understanding of how to safely and sustainably build confidence in these shapes. Join us for one session, or all three. Qualifies as CEUs for Yoga Alliance certified instructors.

February 19th | 12:30-3:30pm | Handstand & Forearm Stand

April 23rd | 12:30-3:30pm | Arm Balances

June 11th | 12:30-3:30pm | Headstand & Shoulderstand

Roots of Practice | A year-long introduction to yoga series

Roots of Practice is our year-long introduction series to the practice of yoga at Resonance Yoga Collective. It’s meant for new yogis, and seasoned yogis, to explore the many facets of yoga, building a foundation of deeper understanding for the layers and the limbs of yoga. Chantal and I are altnerating the teaching of this series. There are 12 total workshops – you can join us for one, or for all. All sessions qualify as CEUs for Yoga Alliance certified teachers. Here are the sessions I’m teaching this year:

January 29th | Asana Basics – The Sun Salutations | 12-3pm

Our opening workshop explores the connection and relationship of breath and movement, utilizing the traditional surya namaskar (sun salutation) sequences as a foundation for exploration. Each of the poses in the surya namaskar sequences will be broken down for understanding and familiarity, including some of our most foundational postures like downward facing dog, cobra, plank, low and crescent lunge, warrior 1 and more. In addition to individual postures, we will also explore the transitions between shapes that give these sequences clarity and connection. The sun salutations are the base of our modern day vinyasa practice – understanding the postures, breath and movement of these sequences, creates a base of familiarity for any flow class. 

April 30th | Asana Basics – Balancing & Seated Postures | 12-3pm

Continuing our journey into understanding the asana (postures) of yoga, this workshop explores where our stability comes from as we take a closer look at some of the most common standing balance postures and seated forward folds. We approach these postures in this workshop with the inquiry of what is stabilizing in this shape, and what is releasing? We incorporate a look at the anatomy of the pelvis and the spine, understanding how the two move in relationship to each other, and how we can take care of our low backs in seated forward fold through the use of props and modifications. 

June 17th | Book Discussion – The Yoga Sturas | 1-3pm

Join us as we gather for a Resonance Collective discussion on one of the foundational texts of yoga, The Yoga Sutras. Your registration for this workshop includes a copy of the Yoga Sutras. We will be highlighting key sutras to read and familiarize yourself with before the discussion, but we also encourage a full reading of the sutras if time and interest allows. Our discussion will explore and inquire into the key sutras – how they relate to our practice on and off the mat. We will also open the discussion up for questions and inquiries from the group. 

August 20th | Asana Basics – Twists | 12-3pm

This workshop explores standing, seated and supine twists – the rotational postures in our practice. In each shape we explore where the twist should be originating from, and how to maintain the line of energetic flows throughout the postures as we rotate around the axis of our body. Additionally, we look at props and modifications for each posture and each individual body that allow these postures to feel both spacious and stable. We resolve this workshop with propping a couple restorative twists that are good additions to an end of day mini-practice for release. 

September 17th | Subtle Body – Chakras & Koshas | 12-2:30pm

A workshop that invites us to inquire into the parts of the practice unseen. At the heart of the asana practice is an energetic practice, and while we can’t see our energetic body, as we move through shapes and as we move through life, this intangible layer of ourselves is being impacted just as much as muscles and tissues. We will introduce the primary 7 chakras (energy centers) of the body and the 5 koshas (layers of the body) and how they relate to our asana and meditation practices. 

October 8th | Asana Basics – Arm Balances & Inversions | 12-3pm

An exploration of the foundations of these shapes that empower and build confidence – through the lens of how does one begin to explore bearing weight on their hands and going upside down? We will start with some of our most foundational arm balances (table, down dog, plank, side plank), developing an understanding of the shoulder girdle and building toward an inquiry into crow pose. We will then look at ways to begin a handstand and headstand practice – giving students poses they can build into a daily practice that builds familiarity with being upside down, without necessarily going upside down – until you’re ready. Lastly, we breakdown safe propping and set up for shoulderstand and plow pose. 

November 19th | Book Discussion – The Bhagavad Gita | 1-3pm

Another Resonance Collective discussion, this time on the epic of the Bhagavad Gita (Song of God) – one of the most important religious texts of Hinduism. The Gita is a dialogue between the warrior-prince Arjuna, and the god Krishna in the moments before a battle.Through their dialogue we receive wisdom about life, our purpose on earth, the inner struggle for self-mastery and the attainment of happiness through yoga. We encourage yogis to read the full text in preparation for this guided discussion. Your registration includes a copy of the Bhagavad Gita.