New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 22nd

Four new practices added to the Resonance library this week – all a bit on the slower side as the general community felt very tired this week. Practices include a backbending exploration of transitions, a figure 4 and… Read More

New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 15th

Five new practices added to the Resonance library this week – focusing on grounding in what felt like a bit of a manic week. Practices include a drishti/gaze focused practice, a balancing flow that focuses on awakening the… Read More

New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 8th

Four new classes added to the Resonance library this week – everything from opening hips & hammies, to exploring the actions of expansion and contraction, a breeak down of vinyasa transitions and chaturanga, and a build up to… Read More

New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 1st

From hoppy practices, to New Year intention setting, shoulder space creating, and hip decompression – here are the classes I added to our virtual library for the week of January 1st. All of my weekly classes at Resonance… Read More

20 Minute Nonstop Slow & Steady Flow

This practice is for those days when you need to move mindfully, but you don’t have a ton of time. Just a little over 20 minutes of steady, nonstop movement (no savasana included, so you’ll want to leave… Read More

Steady + Grounded Flow

For those days when you need a good dose of steadiness and grounding – but you don’t have time for a full practice. Take 10 or 15 minutes and move through this mini-sequence to get you back to… Read More

20 Minute Balance & Core Flow

20 minute core-focused flow to prep the body for 1 legged balance poses – specifically Warrior 3. This is a level 2 steady flow class – meaning that very little instruction is given on HOW to do the… Read More

75 Minute Vinyasa Yoga Playlist

75 minute vinyasa yoga playlist, originally created for Rock the Flow at Indigo Yoga on January 10th. All of my class playlists are public and can be found on Spotify. Follow me here: https://open.spotify.com/user/mikkitrow

20 Minute Slow & Steady Flow

20 Minute Slow & Steady Flow – for those days when you just want to move with your breath and need to hit refresh. The movements and transitions in this sequence are slowed down a bit – but… Read More

30 Minute Layered Flow

30 minute Layered Flow which gives us both an opportunity to hold postures and to flow with our breath. The holds are meant to give us space to build integrity and to focus on alignment. And then the… Read More

Grounded Flow

25 minute Grounded Flow for those days that you want to remain close to the ground, or for yogis who are avoiding leg weight bearing activities. The class will focus on core and arm strengthening, with a sprinkling… Read More

Mikki Trowbridge Yoga Salem Oregon

Wrist & Forearm Release Techniques for Inversion Addicts

Hi, my name is Mikki and I am an Inversion Addict. And an Arm Balance Addict. And a lover of all things Vinyasa. Which means that I spend a lot of time on my hands and supporting my… Read More