International Yoga Retreats

I love travel, as much as I love my yoga practice. It’s a great honor and joy for me to create these yoga + travel experiences, alongside our partner The Village Experience, and to share them with you. There are yoga retreats out there where you will spend your week laying on a beach between yoga classes – and that will likely never be a trip you’ll see posted here. I love those experiences, and I hope you take a trip like that at some point. But I get refreshed and re-inspired from experiencing cultures and history. Adventuring in nature that is different than the PNW. Supporting artisans and local businesses. And learning from the work that is done by local organizations who are empowering women and children in their communities.

I experienced socially responsible tourism for the first time as an undergrad student in 2004 – and fell in love with the idea of traveling with a purpose, in a way that is mindful of how tourism dollars are spent, and the impact we are leaving on the places we visit. I am grateful that my path crossed with The Village Experience in 2015, and I have been working with them to host my international yoga retreats since 2017 (I am also on their Board of Directors).

Whether you’re looking for someone to travel with. Or you haven’t traveled internationally before and you’re wanting someone to support you through the process. Or you just really love practicing with me and our community. I would love to have you join us for one of our upcoming adventures. Reach out at any time with questions. Details on our 2022, 2023 and 2024 trips are listed below.

Yoga + Responsible Tourism in Guatemala

Dates | November 12-20, 2022

Our second retreat in Guatemala! Join us in Antigua, Guatemala in 2022 for 8 nights, 9 days to explore the UNESCO World Heritage City of Antigua, local villages on the slopes of the Volcano Fuego, and areas around Lake Atitlan. In collaboration with The Village Experience, we will be working with our local partner agencies Vamos Adelante, De la Gente, and Pintando Santa Catarine Palopo to learn about the work they are doing to enrich and support their local communities. Our retreat includes daily yoga practices led by Mikki that are appropriate for all levels of yogis. 

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Yoga + Community Immersion in Kenya 

Nairobi Day | July 11-12, 2023
Main Trip | July 12-23, 2023 

Post-Trip Safari | July 23-27. 2023

Our third retreat in Kenya – and one of my favorite places on earth. Join us in 2023 for 11 nights, 12 days (with the option of extending your trip) of safari, community immersions, culture, both mainland and island experiences, sunset sails, beach time, incredible Swahili food, and yoga. This retreat includes a little bit of all that Kenya has to offer. We begin with Safari, then we head out to the Lake Victoria area to immerse ourselves in the local community and the family we have started to build there, and then we head out to Lamu island for a bit of a slower pace and the most beautiful beach time. We will be collaborating with our local partners Live Long Self Help Women’s Group and the Mbita Primary School in Mbita, and Ubunifu, Safari Docs/Vets, and Shela Women’s Association in Lamu to experience the work they are doing in their communities around education, women’s empowerment and access to healthcare. Our retreat includes daily yoga practices led by Mikki that are appropriate for all levels of yogis.

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Yoga + Exploration in Egypt

Dates | January 17-28, 2024

Our first retreat in Egypt, because so many of you have asked for this trip. I was quite the nerd about Ancient Egypt when I was a child, and it lives up to all of my childhood dreams and expectations. Join us in Egypt in 2024 for 11 nights, 12 days of yoga and exploring all of the major antiquities of Cairo, Alexandria and Luxor. Visit some of the most popular sites including Valley of the Kings, Luxor Temple, and the Great Pyramids of Giza. And then then get off the beaten path to discover some beautiful hidden gems including the Temple of Dendera, Abydos Temple and Medinet Habut. A trip truly back in time to walk through ancient history. Our retreat includes almost daily practices led by Mikki that are appropriate for all levels of yogis.

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