This is a 37 minute (including savasana) practice that brings together some of my favorite “feel-good” poses and movements. Nothing too strenuous and not a ton of focus on alignment in this class – just classic shapes that make it easier to breathe and feel-good in your body. We start in a long hold in childs pose, and utilizing work in table and puppy dog pose to begin getting into the spine, upper back, chest and shoulders. We move through a variety of lunges with variations for creating space in the body and play with some dancing warrior 2s. We round out our practice with some twisting malasana (squat), seated hip release in bound angle, a bridge and a supine twist before settling into savasana. Read More

This is a 25 minute practice meant to boost your heart rate, build some heat and give you steady movement, especially for those of you who are feeling cooped up right now. We move nonstop for the first 18 minutes, and then slow it down to leave ourselves balanced before heading into our day. Our steady flow includes dynamic movement in lunges, warriors and balance poses, with visits to boat, plank, and mountain climbers. You’ll likely be a little winded and a little sweaty by the end of this class. Fair warning. Read More

35 minute flow created to help get you out of your mind, and down into your feet, and ultimately into your body. Utilizing movement, breath and asana to help ground our sometimes crazy monkey mind. This is a level 2 steady flow class.

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20 minute core-focused flow to prep the body for 1 legged balance poses – specifically Warrior 3. This is a level 2 steady flow class – meaning that very little instruction is given on HOW to do the postures – and is more focused on getting you moving and connected to your body/breath.

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27 minute hip opening flow – building to lizard variations and an option for Eka Pada Koundinyasana II. This is a level 2+ steady flow class including cat/cow lunge variations, Triangle and Warrior 2, and a nice blend of strength/stability and flexibility work. Expect to spend some time in squats and lizard poses. An optional Forearm Stand is also included.
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25 minute Rise & Shine flow meant for the start of your day – but honestly, this video could be used anytime during the day when you need to move and energize the body and the mind. This practice builds to camel pose, so is generally a front body opening class. This is an all levels class. Happy Practicing!
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Live on Purpose

Yoga teaches us to be present in each and every moment. To not auto-pilot our way through life. To appreciate our strengths. To accept our weaknesses. To truly love ourselves so that we can love on those around us. Yoga clears away the clutter, teaches us to listen to our breath and to the voice within. To be in tune with our God-given purpose. Yoga helps us find balance. It heals. It makes us laugh. It helps us to understand what we are truly capable of on and off the yoga mat. Yoga teaches us to Live on Purpose.

Join me on this journey of yoga! Check out my schedule of classes, upcoming workshops and come by often for updates. Namaste.