This is a 45 minute all levels yoga class, with enough instruction to be appropriate for beginning yogis. We’ll move through a well-rounded practice, but our focus is mindfully cultivating stability and ease in the shoulders. Have less than 45 minutes? Do the first 20 minutes or the last 15 minutes, and your shoulders will thank you. Read More

This is a 25 minute morning flow, that really could be practiced any time of day, but the intention behind sequencing was to gradually shift your body from bed into movement. Read More

his is a full, well-balanced 60 minute yoga class that’s focused on grounding energy and exploring the deep twisting poses. From the comfort of my home to yours. We’ll begin slowly with some breathing and opening work on our backs, before moving into a steady flow that builds towards revolved triangle, with the option for revolved half moon. Along the way we will visit some low lunge and crescent variations, along with warrior 1, warrior 2, extended side angle, revolved chair, wide leg forward fold, and more. We’ll end with some release work for the outer hip, supported bridge and legs up the “wall” before settling into savasana. Read More

This practice is for those days when you need to move mindfully, but you don’t have a ton of time. Just a little over 20 minutes of steady, nonstop movement (no savasana included, so you’ll want to leave some time for that). Our flow includes many classics – down dog, cat cow lunges, all three warriors, extended side angle, humble warrior, eagle pose. Plus an invitation for some challenge work in plank and side plank, dolphin, and potentially some handstand hops (with non-hopping options given). Read More

Just shy of 45 minutes, without savasana. This Level 2 flow yoga class builds to Crow Pose (Bakasana), but never requires you to actually take flight if you don’t want to. The flow will build the awareness, strength and space necessary for Crow Pose – meaning that for those of you who aren’t interested in arm balances, this is a core and hip focused class that will be enjoyable whether or not your feet leave the ground. Read More

Just shy of 45 minutes, without savasana. This Level 2 flow yoga class is meant to simply get you moving and flowing. Intended for those times where you feel stagnant, maybe because you’ve been sitting for a while, or just simply when you feel sloth-like. Read More

35 minute flow created to help get you out of your mind, and down into your feet, and ultimately into your body. Utilizing movement, breath and asana to help ground our sometimes crazy monkey mind. This is a level 2 steady flow class.

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On my list of top requests for class is upper back release. Between our desks, our cell phones, our steering wheel, and how much we just tend to live in our brains … the upper back gets very neglected and very tight. Here is a mini sequence to help get the upper back moving and to release some of the typical tight spots. Pick one or two poses from this sequence, or do them all. Either way, your upper back will thank you.

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For those days when you need a good dose of steadiness and grounding – but you don’t have time for a full practice. Take 10 or 15 minutes and move through this mini-sequence to get you back to feeling like you can take on the world and accomplish what you need to today.

steady + grounded yoga flow

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20 minute core-focused flow to prep the body for 1 legged balance poses – specifically Warrior 3. This is a level 2 steady flow class – meaning that very little instruction is given on HOW to do the postures – and is more focused on getting you moving and connected to your body/breath.

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I hear this all the time … “I’m not strong enough for crow pose.” And sometimes … SOMETIMES, that’s the case. But honestly, more often than a lack of arm or core strength, the limiting factor in crow pose is flexibility in the hips. Next time you want to work on crow pose – try focusing on strength a little less, and shift your prep work to your hips.

Here is some of my favorite hip prep work for crow pose. You could use this as a partial sequence, or sprinkle some of these poses into your home practice. See below for notes on each posture.

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It’s the middle of your day. Maybe you’ve been sitting at a desk. Maybe you’re super stressed out. Maybe you can’t focus to save your life. And you know you should practice yoga – it will help – but you just don’t have time. Take 5 minutes to move and breathe, and you’ll feel better, I promise.

Here’s a mini sequence that you can use for a 5 to 10 minute break. Length depends on how long you hold each pose. If you don’t have a block for the final pose(s) – you could use a rolled up blanket, a stack of books or any object that will give a slight elevation to your hips.

See below for some additional notes on the sequence.

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