This class is in response to those of you who come to my regular studio classes, who wanted a similar flow to take home. The pace of this class is quick and is meant for a Level 2/3 class. There is very little pose instruction or break down. For those of you newer to my style and flows, I repeat each of the sequences 2-3 times in this video, so be patient with yourself, or even back up the video. You’ll pick up the sequences!

25 minute Non-Stop Flow. Moving Meditation. This class will build heat and is meant to connect you with your breath and focus the mind. A one minute inversion option is given at the end of the class.
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25 minute Grounded Flow for those days that you want to remain close to the ground, or for yogis who are avoiding leg weight bearing activities. The class will focus on core and arm strengthening, with a sprinkling of hip stabilizer strengthening and hip opening. Enjoy Yogis!
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50 minute Level 2/3 vinyasa flow class that will open the hips from every direction – preparing us for and leading to full splits, hanumanasana. Preparing for full splits requires more than just opening the hamstrings. This class includes flows preparing for and holds in reclined hero, frog pose, pigeon pose and finally, full splits.
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Here is the playlist from my Rock the Flow class at Indigo Yoga Studio on Tuesday, September 15th … for your 75 minute, vinyasa enjoyment.

My newest 75 minute vinyasa playlist, debuted in my Rock the Flow class at Indigo Wellness Center on August 25th. Enjoy!!

My newest playlist for Rock the flow! 75 minutes of my recent yoga favorites. Enjoy!!!

25 minute Level 1/2 – 2 slow and steady flow. This flow is all about slowing down. This will be a continuous, nonstop flow, but will never move very quickly. I encourage you to find a slow rhythm to your breath as you start class, and spend your transitions in this class really enjoying the spaces in between the poses. We rush enough in life, no need to rush through our yoga practice as well. Enjoy yogis!!
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35 minute Level 1/2 – 2 flow class meant to balance your shoulder girdle and rotator cuff muscles. We’ll open the tight parts and strengthen the weak parts, and overall just leave you feeling a bit more balanced and happier in your shoulders. Enjoy yogis!
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Here is a running playlist of music used in all of my classes for the month of May ❤ No order to it, just a mixture of fantastic jams. Enjoy!

Check out my latest class up on YouTube – 10 minutes of core focused happiness, followed by about 2 minutes of countering poses. This video includes a lot of my favorite core strengtheners for working on handstand, arm balances and just general stability and strength. Enjoy!! Read More

Hi, my name is Mikki and I am an Inversion Addict. And an Arm Balance Addict. And a lover of all things Vinyasa. Which means that I spend a lot of time on my hands and supporting my body weight with my arms. All good things … until your forearms and wrists start to revolt against you. Fortunately, the revolt can be prevented by spending some time during each practice giving some love to your wrists and forearms. Below are just a few of my favorite wrist and forearm release tricks! Hope these are helpful for you in promoting sustainability in your practice! Read More

My newest 90 minute slow flow yoga playlist, for my Sunday Soul Flow class on April 26th at Indigo Yoga Studio! Enjoy!!