New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 1st

From hoppy practices, to New Year intention setting, shoulder space creating, and hip decompression – here are the classes I added to our virtual library for the week of January 1st. All of my weekly classes at Resonance Yoga Collective are recorded and available via our virtual library. You can access this library with a drop in pass that is accessed on a sliding scale of $-0-$15 – you pick your own price.

90 Minute New Year’s Day Practice – All Levels

A 90 Minute practice to kick off the New Year. We start with my thoughts for the year. A reminder that this practice is about turning inward instead of outward – and that our resolutions/goals/growth will be more fulfilling when we learn to be content as we are, in this moment. Your wholeness already exists within you. I also plant the seed of inquiry as to: how do we keep this feeling of “newness” throughout the year? How can each day feel like it has the potential for growth and change? Our physical asana practice begins supine with a bit of twisting and core awakening. We then flow through cat cow, opening down dog and plank work, and some opening hip stabilization. Our standing flow starts with low lunge, a lunging sun salutation, crescent, warrior 1, and humble warrior before getting into some deep hip/core stabilizing work in chair and revolved chair. A practice that physically grounds us into ourselves. We intersperse mindful work in belly-down backbends, before resolving with lizard, a couple versions of badha konasana, and a couple versions of supine twist. 

45 Minute Well-Rounded Daily Flow Practice – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice that was designed to be a well-rounded flow that gets into all the good spots. A practice that could be your daily go to when you don’t want to have to pick a class and you just need one that leaves you feeling good all over. We begin supine for a bit of hip opening and rolling bridges with a specific low back inquiry. Our flowing sequences take us through low lunge, 1/2 splits, crescent, warrior 2, extended side angle, reverse warrior, revolved crescent, and chair pose. We end our standing sequence with a balance pose of your choice (tree pose if you just want to be told an option). We then take it down to the ground for a couple longer holds in bridge, a supine twist, and release. 

75 Minute Hoppy New Year Flow Practice – Intermediate

A 75 minute Revitalize practice that informs the muscles and actions necessary for resisting gravity, pulling our body into itself, and catching air as we attempt how in a variety of orientations. A great class for those of you looking to get more comfortable standing on your hands. We begin supine for a core awakening sequence before moving into a heat building flow sequence and a standing pose sequence that continues to awaken active hip flexion and our ability to find our center as we move in and out of balance. We intersperse time in handstand plus mountain climbers, and standing splits hops. Standing poses include crescent, extended side angle, triangle, chair and lizard. We resolve with pigeon, belly-down backbends, and supine hip opening before resolving into savasana. 

45 Minute Shoulder Space Creating Flow Practice – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice from Wednesday, January 4th that creates space in the shoulders, upper back, and neck. We begin on our back in a twist with the arms overhead weighted down by something – in studio we used a sandbag, but it could be blocks, a dense pillow, a couple books. We explore side bends and twists in sukasana with awareness of our shoulder girldle before moving into some steady holds in down dog and plank. Our flowing sequence moves through crescent, chair, and warrior 1 to build heat, before settling into a wide-legged forward fold with gomukasana arms. We resolve with a hold in dolphin pose before settling into childs pose, dead bug pose, and supta badha konasana for savasana. 

45 Minute Decompress Flow Practice – All Levels

A 45 Minute Refresh practice from Thursday, January 5th that creates space in the hips and low back – decompressing the pelvic region. We begin on our backs in figure 4 with decompression, before settling into a supine twist. Our early down dog work takes us to the back of the mat for a squat/forward fold combo flow, before settling into a lunging sequence that includes revolved low lunge, modified side angle, lizard, crescent, warrior 2, and extended side angle. We sprinkle decompression into our standing balance work and figure 4 chair. We resolve with thread the needle on the back, and a release for the trigger points along the spine.

75 Minute Position vs. Action Exploration Flow Practice – Intermediate

A 75 Minute Revitalize practice from Thursday, January 5th that has a very specific line of inquiry through out the practice. We explore the position in the back let of warrior 1 and parsvottanasana of external rotation – but the action of internal rotation – and how that returns us to center/balance/stability. We begin with a flow practice, and end in a bit more of a hatha practice. Our standing postures include warrior 1, warrior 3, parsvottanasana, revolved triangle and utthita hasta pandangusthasana I. We intersperse crow, L Handstands, and additional moments of inquiry and release before three rounds of supine backbends, a restorative upavista konasana, and a final supta badha konasana.