New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 22nd

Four new practices added to the Resonance library this week – all a bit on the slower side as the general community felt very tired this week. Practices include a backbending exploration of transitions, a figure 4 and flying pigeon focused practice, a forward-folding introspective flow, and a journey into the shoulder opening and actions necessary for lowering the forearms to the ground from down dog to dolphin. Here are my classes from the week of January 22nd. All of my weekly classes at Resonance Yoga Collective in downtown Salem, Oregon, are recorded and available via our virtual library. You can access this library with a drop in pass that is accessed on a sliding scale of $0-$15 – you pick your own price.

45 Minute Lingering in Transitions, Heart-Opening Flow – All Levels

A 45 Minute Refresh practice from Tuesday, January 24th that explores lingering in transitions – and finding ways to ground us in the inbetween. We explore a common thread of side body and heart opening – and the connection of hands to feet in a few orientations. We slow down entrances and exits into locust, bridge, bow, eagle, crescent, and boat, before resolving with bridge, a grounding supine twist and savasana. 

75 Minute Figure 4 and Flying Pigeon Flow – Intermediate

A 75 Minute Revitalize practice that explores figure 4 shapes and active hip opening. We begin on our backs in a lifted badha konasana, before moving into thread the needle with invitations to take it into reclined pigeon. Our flow sequences begins to build heat, grdual opening of the hips, and the awareness of the back leg necessary for the flying pigeon arm balance – visiting postures that include crescent, chair, tree, warrior 2, triangle, half moon, malasana, and figure 4 chair. We resolve our standing flow with the invitation to come up into a standing pigeon exploration, and then maybe take it down into the arm balance. We resolve with bridge poses, gomukasana, and rippling brook for savasana. 

45 Minute Introspective, Forward-Folding Flow – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice from January 27th that is a bit more introspective, focusing on forward folds and turning the gaze inward. We start slowly with an opening meditation and breath inquiry. We then ease into the hips and the spine, before settling into a standing sequence with minimal arms. Low Lunge, Chair, Crescent, Warrior 1, Humble Warrior, 1/2 splits, parsvottanasana. We resolve with a supported, passive bridge before drifting into savasana. 

75 Minute Lowering Forearms, Shoulder-Focused Flow – Intermediate

75 Minute Revitalize practice from Thursday, January 26th that explores the action of lowering the forearms to the ground at the same time from table and from dolphin. In preparation for this, we open shoulders and inform the action of external rotation – that becomes a throughline of inquiry in our practice. Poses include a slow opening supine meditation on the breath, cat cow and puppy with shoulder external rotation work, an opening sequence with low lunge, before 3 rounds of surya namaskar B to build heat. We move into a standing sequence with warrior 1, standing splits, parsvottanasana, humble warrior, and a 3 leg down dog variation. We resolve with an option for supta virasana or supported bridge, a supine twist and savasana.