Steady + Grounded Flow

For those days when you need a good dose of steadiness and grounding – but you don’t have time for a full practice. Take 10 or 15 minutes and move through this mini-sequence to get you back to feeling like you can take on the world and accomplish what you need to today.

steady + grounded yoga flow

My focus with this sequence is less on the nitty gritty of alignment and action, but mostly in filling the shapes with a steady breath. Get into the shape and then stay in each posture for 5-10 steady breaths, depending on how much time you have. Notes below run left to right through the sequence.

1. Chair Pose

2. Warrior 1 with Eagle Arms
Start here in Warrior 1 for 5-10 steady breaths. Then add in the eagle arms – with your back leg arm on bottom (i.e. if your left leg is back, your left arm is on bottom). Inhale to take elbows to the sky, exhale to bring elbows towards belly. Repeat 5-10 breaths. Return to chair to repeat on second side.

3. Down Dog

4. 3 Leg Down Dog

5. Crescent Lean
Maintain the line of the spine, as you move into:

6. Crescent Twist
Try to maintain twist as you step to:

7. Chair Twist
After hold, return to down dog for second side, adding in a vinyasa if you wish.

8. Eagle Pose
Both sides

9. Ardha Matsyandrasana | Seated Twist
Add in any arm variations that you wish.

10. Double Pigeon

Happy practicing! Click here to download this as a PDF.