New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 15th

Five new practices added to the Resonance library this week – focusing on grounding in what felt like a bit of a manic week. Practices include a drishti/gaze focused practice, a balancing flow that focuses on awakening the back body, a dynamic practice that connects deeply to the breath, and then two week ending practices to open chest/pecs and then alllll around the hips. Here are my classes from the week of January 15th. All of my weekly classes at Resonance Yoga Collective are recorded and available via our virtual library. You can access this library with a drop in pass that is accessed on a sliding scale of $0-$15 – you pick your own price.

45 Minute Grounding Gaze Flow – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice that grounds our gaze and creates strength through our warrior poses. We begin seated in virasana (heros pose) with eyes open, steadying our gaze. And while sometimes this gazing is difficult, we invite discipline into our practice and help begin calming the fluctuations of our mind. We then move into cat cow and down dog to begin moving into the body before building into a lunging flow that includes all the warrior poses, and some twisting variations. We resolve with some balance work, and belly-down back bends, before a seated forward fold ending into savasana.

75 Minute Balance, Backbends & Back Body Flow – Intermediate

A 75 Minute Revitalize practice that awakens our awareness of the backbody – inviting awareness of the parts of ourselves we can’t see with our eyeballs. We begin on our backs with a core awakening sequence that develops into a rolling mobility flow that we repeat for fluidity. We then move into a gradually building flow of low lunge, crescent, warrior 1, warrior 3, and plank that looks to create congruency in the body. We intersperse standing balance in eagle, utthita hasta padangusthasana I, and dancer, plus some play time in side plank, wild thing and fallen triangle. We resolve with a seated forward fold series, bridge, hip opening on our backs, and stonehenge for savasana. 

45 Minute Dynamic Breath Flow – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice from Wednesday, January 11th that starts with 3 part breath, and returns to this breath pattern throughout the practice in movement and stillness. We begin seated, and then move into a fairly steady flow, guided by the breath that journeys into crescent variations that both side bend and twist, extended side angle, and balance work. We resolve with bridge (with a 1 leg variation), a hip opening twist, and savasana. 

45 Minute Pec & Chest Opening Flow – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice that is slow and subtle – gradually unwinding the connective tissues, tension and musculature of the front shoulder and chest. We begin laying over a rolled up blanket, and then move into some slow cat cows. Down dog takes us into crescent with some should range of motion work, before settling into lizard with a grab of the back foot. We go to a wall for a brief pec release, before settling into warrior 1 with a clasp that bows into humble warrior. We explore balance in dancer pose, and then heart opening in locust with a block between the hands. We then return inward with a childs pose, a spacious badha konasana, and a release into savasana. 

75 Minute Hips & Splits Flow – Intermediate

A 75 Minute Revitalize practice that gets all the good spots in the hips. We visit gomukasana, double pigeon, lizard, malasana, skandasana, prasarita padottanasana, soft pigeon, and splits throughout the practice – releasing 360 degrees of the muscle fibers of the hips. Interwoven into the hip work is crescent, warrior 1, extended side angle, bullet squats, and a handstand moment. Well-rounded practice that really delivers you right into savasana.