New Yoga Class Recordings for the week of January 8th

Four new classes added to the Resonance library this week – everything from opening hips & hammies, to exploring the actions of expansion and contraction, a breeak down of vinyasa transitions and chaturanga, and a build up to heron pose. Here are my classes from the week of January 8th. All of my weekly classes at Resonance Yoga Collective are recorded and available via our virtual library. You can access this library with a drop in pass that is accessed on a sliding scale of $0-$15 – you pick your own price.

45 Minute Hips & Hammies Flow – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice that awakens the various muscles of the hips – first through isolated, small movements, then through stability work with small pulses. A lovely reset for the low back. After awakening, we flow – moving through a few variations of Surya Namaskar C with crescent, low lunge, revolved crescent, warrior 2 and triangle interspersed. Then we release what we strengthened with a supported figure 4 chair and then options in gomukasana or double pigeon. 

75 Minute Vinyasa Transition & Chaturanga Breakdown Flow – Intermediate

A 75 Minute Revitalize practice that explores the transitions of our vinyasas – including a little chaturanga tune up, and an exploration of rolling over the toes between chaturanga and upward facing dog. This builds towards an exploration of shifting weight out of the feet in crow pose and the prep for eka pada koundinyasana II. We begin on our back beginning to awaken actions – before moving into a flow that builds towards an exploration of chaturanga. We pause our flow to spend some time exploring this shape with support – before continuing our flow that starts to lead us toward bound extended side angle or bird of paradise, as prep for the EPK II arm balance. Standing poses include: crescent, warrior 1, warrior 2, bound extended side angle, invtation to bird of paradise, triangle. We resolve with sphinx, supta padangusthasana I and III, and supta badha konasana for savasana. 

45 Minute Expand & Contract Flow – All Levels

45 Minute Refresh practice from Wednesday, January 11th that explores the movements of expansion and contraction – and the more subtle actions. We begin seated feeling the breath, and add in a bit of cat cow in our seat. We move through three legged table with expansion/contraction, cat cow lunge, a lunging sun salutation sequence that helps us find our legs, eagle pose, and finally a standing splits sequence with expansion/contraction before an invitation to lift into warrior 3. We resolve with a couple rounds of camel pose (feeling the more subtle actions of expansion and contraction within our breath, before settling into pigeon pose, a final happy baby and savasana. 

75 Minute Heron Pose Flow – Intermediate

A 75 Minute Revitalize practice that opens the hamstrings and hips, and awakens active hip flexion in preparation for Heron Pose – a few other shapes along the way. We begin in virasana (hero’s pose) and ardha virasana (half hero) before moving into a heat building opening flow sequence that includes three rounds of Surya Namaskar B. Our standing sequence includes revolved chair, warrior 1, standing splits explorations, uthita hasta padangusthasana I (standing L shaped balance), L handstand, and boat pose explorations. We then resolve with an exploration of heron pose, bridge both active and passive, legs up the “wall” and savasana.