Wrist & Forearm Release Techniques for Inversion Addicts

Mikki Trowbridge Yoga Salem Oregon

Hi, my name is Mikki and I am an Inversion Addict. And an Arm Balance Addict. And a lover of all things Vinyasa. Which means that I spend a lot of time on my hands and supporting my body weight with my arms. All good things … until your forearms and wrists start to revolt against you. Fortunately, the revolt can be prevented by spending some time during each practice giving some love to your wrists and forearms. Below are just a few of my favorite wrist and forearm release tricks! Hope these are helpful for you in promoting sustainability in your practice!

Fists in Flexion
1. Fist your hands and firmly hold your fingers into the fist with your thumbs.
2. Starting with elbows bent, place the back of your fists on the floor, with knuckles lining up. Try to maintain the shape of your fists while connecting the entire back side of your hand to the floor.
3. Gradually begin straightening the arms without losing the shape of the fist or the connection to the floor. Hold for 10-15 breaths.
Mikki Trowbridge Yoga Wrist Release

Alternating Flexion
1. Web your fingers and then straighten the fingers and the palms so right hand is stacked directly over your left hand. Right hand will be in flexion, left hand in extension. Use your left hand to gently pull your right hand more into flexion. Hold and breathe for 10 breaths.
2. Switch so that your left hand is on top and repeat.

KNEEd your Forearm
1. Place the backside of your forearm on the ground with the meaty part pointing skyward. Use your knee to knead/massage the muscles of the forearm.
2. Switch sides.
Note: This can also be done with a tennis ball or foam roller.
Mikki Trowbridge Yoga Wrist Release

Arm Variations in Warrior 2
All three of the below are simple variations you can integrate into your Warrior Two to release wrists and forearms. For the two fist versions, keep your fist firm with the thumb squeezing in. For the flat hand version, try to lengthen through the fingers as much as possible and push outwards through the wrists.
vira2part1vira2part2 vira2part3

Fingertip Cat Cow and Fingertip Down Dog
Both of these variations are meant to open up the carpal tunnel and activate the lift that should be present in the center of the hand. Yes, I know, every teacher in the world has told you to press down through the palms. And that’s true – your knuckles and fingers and outer palm should all be grounded, but there should be a sensation of lift in the center of your hand. And this is how you find it.
Whether your are exploring this in cat cow or downward facing dog, make sure that you are on the fingter TIPS not the pads of the fingers. If your nails are long, this will be more difficult for you. Hold for as long as you can stand the torture πŸ™‚


Wrist Flexion at a variety of angles
Fingers in, fingers out, fingers back – back of the hand pressing into the floor. Actively press the entire backside of your hands and fingers into the floor. Play with leaning forward over your hands vs. back towards your heels.

Enjoy yogis!

One Comment on “Wrist & Forearm Release Techniques for Inversion Addicts

  1. I am just getting into yoga and I am working on my inversions. Thank you so much. I usually suffer from sore wrists but there helped me out.

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