Hopyard Yoga

Here are some pictures from our first EVER Hopyard Yoga in August 2013 at Rogue Farms in Independence, Oregon, taught by yours truly. This is the event that launched our Yoga + Beer series. We had approximately 90 people attend (WOW!) and are planning a second Hopyard Yoga on Monday, September 16th at 6pm. Hope you can join us!

Hopyard 1

hopyard 2

hopyard 3

hopyard 5

hopyard 4

Here is my playlist for the Summer Solstice Celebration Yoga Class at Indigo Wellness Center – all about sun, paradise and more sun! Enjoy Yogis!

Live on Purpose

Yoga teaches us to be present in each and every moment. To not auto-pilot our way through life. To appreciate our strengths. To accept our weaknesses. To truly love ourselves so that we can love on those around us. Yoga clears away the clutter, teaches us to listen to our breath and to the voice within. To be in tune with our God-given purpose. Yoga helps us find balance. It heals. It makes us laugh. It helps us to understand what we are truly capable of on and off the yoga mat. Yoga teaches us to Live on Purpose.

Join me on this journey of yoga! Check out my schedule of classes, upcoming workshops and come by often for updates. Namaste.