New playlist for October with lots of new chill favorites. Enjoy!!

Lots of new song finds for this vinyasa playlist. It just makes you want to smile! Enjoy yogis!

Some new yoga favorites, alongside some old, in this playlist from Vagabond Yoga at June 11th. Enjoy!!

I’m overdue for a playlist post. Here are the playlists from my recent three part inversion workshop – Flight Club! Enjoy yogis!

Headstand Flight Club:

Forearm Stand Flight Club:

Handstand Flight Club:

Here’s the playlist from our New Years Eve Flow Class at Indigo Wellness Center!!

Playlist from Power Vinyasa on September 5th at Indigo Wellness Center. Enjoy yogis!

Here is my playlist for the Summer Solstice Celebration Yoga Class at Indigo Wellness Center – all about sun, paradise and more sun! Enjoy Yogis!