Return Home to Yourself | 40 Minute Yoga Practice

This is a 40 minute, all-levels, feel-good flow class that is led in our Yoga + Beer style, from the beautiful setting that is Eola’s Legacy Estate Vineyard in Salem, Oregon. This is a down dog-less practice, for those of you who try to minimize weight on your hands or shoulders, or just don’t enjoy downward facing dog. Quite often in our yoga practice, we use down dog as a space to return to over and over in the practice. So for this practice, we create that home, or space to return to in our mountain pose, tadasana.

Our physical practice begins standing, moving us through some lunging sun salutations that include low lunge, 1/2 splits, warrior 2 variations, triangle pose, tree pose, warrior 3, revolved lunge, chair and goddess variations before settling onto the ground for some seated and supine release work. We resolve our practice in savasana.