Pre-Flight #03 | Find Your Legs | Inversion Prep

This is the third of our Pre-Flight series. These are mini practices meant to inform and build awareness in a part of the body or within an action that will benefit your inversion practice. This is not meant to be a stand alone or well-balanced yoga practice, but is a targeted, add-on to your yoga practice. I recommend using this class directly before you practice inversions, as you will be prepped and ready for a safe and enjoyable flight πŸ˜‰

This third Pre-Flight focuses on finding and giving purpose to your legs so that they are more of an asset in our inversion practice, instead of a liability. If you’re like me, once you’re upside down it is hard to know what your legs are doing, so it’s important to help them find their roots, their energy, and their purpose when you’re right side up, before you invert. In your inversions, your legs can be a critical piece of controlling the pose and helping to take some of the work out of your arms and shoulders. This practice will help tap into that.