Yoga + Service

I took my first service-based trip as an undergrad student in 2004 – and fell in love with the idea of socially responsible tourism – of traveling with a purpose; learning about a community from within the community; and leaving behind something greater than what you take away. I spent 6 years planning these trips for my fellow college students, and worked with a national nonprofit after college to plan these trips for college students around America.

When I began teaching yoga in 2010, I had a dream of combining my passions and creating experiences for people to travel together, serve together, and practice yoga along the way. In 2017 that became a reality with my first Yoga + Service trip to Antigua, Guatemala and then to Kenya in February 2019. The incredible experiences that our team had on these trips inspired me to continue offering these trips. In 2020 we will be heading to India, and then back to Kenya in 2021. More info below!

India Yoga + Service Retreat

February 5-15, 2020 – SOLD OUT
Join myself and Zohra Campbell (Indigo Wellness Center) as we partner with The Village Experience on this exciting Seva and Yoga Retreat throughout India. The Pre-Trip will take you to the UNESCO World Heritage sites around Delhi and to the world famous Taj Mahal. Then meet the rest of the group to work alongside Women’s Interlink Foundation in Kolkata and Bolpur and learn about ways to rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate survivors of human-trafficking. We end the trip with an adventure to the beaches and backwaters of Kerala you’ll never forget!

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Kenya Yoga + Service Retreat

February 6,17, 2021
Join us in Kenya for 11 nights, 12 days (with the option of extending your trip) of safari, service, culture, both mainland and island experiences, sunset sails, beach time, incredible swahili food, and yoga. We will be volunteering in both Mbita and in island villages off the coast of Kenya – giving our time and energy to complete critical projects for local agencies. On our days off you get to experience a safari at Lake Nakuru, explore Lake Victoria, soak in the islands of Lamu and Shela, sail on traditional dhows and relax on the beach or by your pool.

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