Yoga + Service

I took my first service-based trip as an undergrad student in 2004 – and fell in love with the idea of socially responsible tourism – of traveling with a purpose; learning about a community from within the community; and leaving behind something greater than what you take away. I spent 6 years planning these trips for my fellow college students, and worked with a national nonprofit after college to plan these trips for college students around America.

When I began teaching yoga in 2010, I had a dream of combining my passions and creating experiences for people to travel together, serve together, and practice yoga along the way. In 2017 that became a reality with my first Yoga + Service trip to Antigua, Guatemala. The incredible experiences that our team had on this inaugural trip inspired me to continue offering these trips. In 2019 we will be heading to Kenya. More info below!

Kenya Yoga + Service Retreat

February 2-12, 2019
I had dreamed of traveling to Kenya since I was 6 years old – and in 2017, I made the trip and fell in love. Since returning I find myself constantly daydreaming about returning to this beautiful country. So why not go back with friends? Join me for 11 days in Kenya that will fill your heart, your belly, your eyes and your soul. This trip includes a little bit of everything – safari, service on the mainland near Lake Victoria, service on islands off the coast of Kenya, relaxation on the island of Shela, evening sails on dhows and yoga.

Kenya Details