Yoga + Beer FAQs

I get a lot of questions about Yoga + Beer events, and so I hope this list of questions is helpful in your planning. If the answer you are seeking is not here, just send me an email and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Do I have to drink beer?
I know, it’s called Yoga + Beer. But we are equal opportunity beverage appreciators – so no, you don’t have to drink beer. Some of our breweries offer other options for non-beer drinkers. But whether you have a drink after class or not, we hope you’ll stay and hang out!

I’ve never practiced yoga before … is that okay?
Absolutely! We have several people at each class that have never tried yoga before. And we have several more that are fairly new to the practice. My goal is to make these classes truly all levels yoga classes – options to make it easier, options to make it harder – and lots of explanations for those of you who are still learning the poses. And you’ll almost always hear me start class by saying – everything we do is optional. The goal of these classes is to feel good. We have enough stress, worry, and overwhelming aspects in life … yoga shouldn’t add to that. If you get to class and you decide you want to drink beer while laying on the floor while the rest of us move through poses …. welcome to Yoga + Beer.

Will I be kicked out if I drink beer before or during class?
Yoga is a judgment free zone. You probably won’t be the only yogi who drank before class or that has a beer in class. If it helps you to relax and have a good time – go for it.

What should I wear?
You don’t need official yoga clothes to practice yoga. Just wear clothes that are easy to move in. Athletic type clothes are best.

Do I need to bring a yoga mat?
If you have a mat, please try to bring it. I always bring extra mats for people to borrow. Most of our classes happen in brewery or restaurant spaces … so the floor is not the cleanest. They sweep, they mop … but still. I recommend not bringing your cleanest, newest mat. And maybe even bringing a towel to place beneath your mat.

Do I need to sign up for class in advance?
It depends on the class. Each class listing will say if class size is limited. In general: Vagabond is limited to 50 yogis and always fills up in advance of class. Santiam is limited to 25 yogis and always fills up. Portland events tend to be limited in size, but each brewery is different and the event description will specify. Gilgamesh does not have a size limit to class, so advance registration is optional.

Can I bring my kids?
It depends on the brewery. Gilgamesh and Seven Brides classes are all ages. The rest of our breweries are 21+ unless the event specifies differently. If you bring your kids to one of our all ages events – I simply ask that the child is able to either participate in class or sit quietly on their mat during class without disrupting those around them. Oh and … obviously, they can only participate in the yoga portion of Yoga + Beer, but they’re welcome to join us for food after class.

Why are some classes free while other classes cost?
When I started teaching Yoga + Beer classes, I thought it would just be an occasional fun thing I offered for the community … I never dreamed it would turn into multiple classes a month in several different cities. Those original classes remain free – well, they’re donation based, which means that I ask people to give what they can for class. As I started adding classes at breweries beyond Salem, I began charging to keep the schedule of classes sustainable for me. Classes at Vagabond, Gilgamesh and Santiam are donation based classes. The rest have a charge for class which includes your first beer. When I set prices, I tried to make the price for class slightly cheaper than it would be to pay drop in at a local studio, plus the cost of one beer. My goal is to make Yoga + Beer classes accessible for people, and that includes the financial commitment to attend class.

I thought yogis weren’t supposed to drink alcohol?
To me, this practice is about finding balance. So in my opinion, if you like to go to yoga class and work out, and then grab a beer afterwards – what’s wrong with that? It’s not very yogic to get drunk every night of the week – no. But we can enjoy a local craft beer or two with friends.

I’ve seen your handstand pictures … do I have to handstand if I come to Yoga + Beer?
Nope. I rarely teach handstand at Yoga + Beer. But if it’s something you want to work on … let me know.

Do you play music in classes?
It depends on the setting, the noise level of the brewery, and a few other factors. Vagabond I do not play music at. Gilgamesh, Santiam, Seven Brides, Grain Station, Deluxe, Calapooia and most of our Portland breweries have had music in class so far. I play fairly non-traditional yoga music … upbeat, happy, feel good jams.

Why Yoga + Beer?
Honestly … because I love yoga, and I love beer. I took the things that I love and combined them. And it’s pretty cool that other people enjoy the combination too. I keep these classes going because people seem to be more comfortable trying yoga and coming to class in a brewery than they are at a studio (when the studio is unfamiliar to them). And most importantly to me … because these classes build community. Yoga can be so individually focused … these classes create space for yoga to be a shared experience, and I love that. Cheers to beer yogi friends!

Would you consider adding a Yoga + Beer class at my brewery?
Definitely. Yes. Let’s talk. Send me an email: